Direction (Qs.1 to 5): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.


Certain number of people were sitting in a row facing north. Information about only few of them is known. B was to the left of C. The number of people left to A were the multiple of the number of people to the right of A, but A was not seated at second from the right end. There were not more than 12 people. There were 7 people seated between E and D where D was to the left of E. No three people were sitting together are known. C was third to the left of A but not adjacent to D. B was fourth to the left of F who in turn was adjacent to A. D was not seated at the end.


Question No : 1

How many people were seated in the row?

(1) 6    

(2) 9    

(3) 10  

(4) 11  

(5) 12

Question No : 2

Who among the following is seated to the left of B?

(1) C   

(2) E    

(3) D   

(4) A   

(5) None of them

Question No : 3

Who is fifth to the right of C?

(1) E    

(2) B    

(3) F    

(4) D   

(5) Data insufficient

Question No : 4

Who among the following is to the left of F?

(I) C    (II) A    (III) D

(1) Only (I)     

(2) (I) and (III)

(3) (I) and (II) 

(4) Only (II)    

(5) All three

Question No : 5

What is the position of D with respect to B?

(1) Immediate right    

(2) Second to the left  

(3) Second to the right

(4) Immediate left       

(5) Third to the left