Direction (Qs.1 to 5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.


There are 8 people sitting in a row facing towards the south- A, B, C, D, E, F, G & H, but not necessarily in the same order.


A is sitting adjacent to H & one of them is sitting at the left end

C is sitting 2nd from the right between D & G

E is 2nd to the right of A but not adjacent to F

B is 2nd to the left of G


Question No : 1

What is the position of F with respect to B?

(1) Immediate right

(2) Immediate left

(3) 2nd to the right

(4) 2nd to the left

(5) Can’t say

Question No : 2

Which of the following pairs is sitting at the extreme ends?

(1) D-H

(2) D-A

(3) G-H

(4) G-A

(5) None of the following

Question No : 3

For how many persons the exact position is known using the given information?

(1) 6    

(2) 7    

(3) 8    

(4) 5    

(5) 4

Question No : 4

What will be position of A with respect to F if all the persons are arranged according to their names in alphabetical order from right to left?

(1) 4th to the right

(2) 5th to the left

(3) 6th to the right

(4) 5th to the right

(5) 4th to the left

Question No : 5

If A is B, B is C, C is D, D is E, E is F, F is G, G is H & H is A, who among the following will be sitting at the left end?

(1) B    

(2) E    

(3) G   

(4) F    

(5) H