Direction (Qs.1 to 5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.


10 students A to J are present in a class. There are 5 boys and rest of them are girls. They are ranked on the basis of their performance in the class tests. A girl and a boy sit alternatively. ABCDE are boys and FGHIJ are girls. Boys face north and girls face south. A secures 1st rank and sits at the leftmost position. The boys secured the first five ranks and the girls secured the last 5 ranks. Boys are arranged in increasing order of their marks and girls are arranged in decreasing order of their marks. E secured last among boys while F came last among girls. J came first among girls. G secured 9th rank and sat left to C. H and D are adjacent to each other. I is sitting next to E.


Question No : 1

Which rank did C secure?

(1) 3rd  

(2) 4th  

(3) 2nd 

(4) 5th  

(5) None of these

Question No : 2

F is sitting in which position with respect to G?

(1) Second to the left

(2) Third to the left

(3) Second to the right

(4) Fifth to the right

(5) None of these

Question No : 3

From left to right, which of the following are sitting together?

(1) AFB

(2) CDE

(3) FCH

(4) DEJ 

(5) BCD

Question No : 4

Who secured 4th and 8th rank in the class?

(1) F and G     

(2) D and H    

(3) A and B     

(4) C and D     

(5) E and F

Question No : 5

Which of the following are not sitting together?

(1) AF 

(2) BC 

(3) FB  

(4) CH

(5) EJ