Direction (Qs.1 to 5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.


There are certain number of persons sitting in a row facing north. A is sitting at the middle of the row. B is either fourth to the left of A or fourth to the right of A. C is sixth to the right of B. There is same number of persons sitting between A and D and D and C. D is seventh from one end. There are nine person sitting between A and M.


Question No : 1

How many persons are there between D and M?

(1) 14  

(2) 13  

(3) 11  

(4) 15  

(5) 12

Question No : 2

If there are seven persons between D and P, then what is the position of P with respect to A?

(1) Immediate left

(2) Immediate right

(3) Second to the left

(4) Second to the right

(5) Third to the left

Question No : 3

What is the position of C from the right end?

(1) Extreme right end

(2) Second

(3) Sixth

(4) Fifth

(5) Fourth

Question No : 4

If F is immediate neighbor of B. How many persons are there between C and F?

(1) Four  

(2) Five 

(3) Six 

(4) Seven

(5) Three

Question No : 5

How many seats are there in the row?

(1) 19  

(2) 21  

(3) 22  

(4) 23  

(5) 25