Direction (Qs.1 to 5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.


Eight persons A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H were seated in a row facing the North.

E was seated 4th to the left of H

Number of persons seated to the left of E was equal to the number of persons seated to the right of A

B was seated 2nd to the left of D

G was 3rd to the right of C. E was not at the extreme end


Question No : 1

How many persons were seated between E and G?

(1) None

(2) 1

(3) 2

(4) 3

(5) More then three

Question No : 2

What was the position of H with respect to D?

(1) Immediate left

(2) Immediate right

(3) 2nd to the right

(4) 3rd to the left

(5) 3rd to the right

Question No : 3

Who was seated to the immediate left of F?

(1) H

(2) B

(3) C

(4) A

(5) E

Question No : 4

Who was seated 2nd to the left of F?

(1) A

(2) D

(3) H

(4) C

(5) Can’t say

Question No : 5

In which of the following options is the 1st person seated neighbouring the 2nd and the 3rd person?

(1) BGD

(2) GAD

(3) AHF

(4) ABC

(5) CBE